About Craig

    Craig grew up in the Boston, Massachusetts area looking at photographs in LIFE and LOOK magazines, listening to the BBC on his shortwave radio before morphing into a full fledged ham radio operator. As a going away gift from his parents, he received a 35mm rangefinder camera before leaving on a two-year military tour of duty in Tokyo. While in Japan he would wander the streets and back alleys of Tokyo and other cities with camera photographing everyday life. It was at that long ago moment his interest in travel and photography collided.

    Soon after his military discharge and while attending the University of Massachusetts at Boston, he began a lifelong photography self study program through books, collecting and studying photographer monographs, visiting exhibitions, attending workshops and courses, and while working for the Polaroid Corporation in technical support.

    Craig is interested in the urban environment—people and how they live and work, communities and their physical structures—from San Francisco to Paris and beyond. Along with his writer-life partner, Teri Kline, he is off on a new adventure each year. When not holding a camera he is working for the University of California in information technology.